I learned Pet Photography from my Volunteer work with Various Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups - the majority of my time is still spent photographing  shelter and rescue cats and dogs, to increase their visibility and help finding their forever homes. To me, they are all beautiful, and with my camera, I can show you what I see.

I currently volunteer my services for these amazing groups

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Each of these great organizations rely on very dedicated Volunteers to save countless Dogs and Cats, sometimes from extreme neglect and give them excellent care and loving attention until they find the right home for them - a home that will care for them as part of their family.

I am a proud new Member of HeARTsspeak, a global network of photographers and artists who provide time and professional services to animal welfare organizations. 

Professional photographs help adoptable animals be seen in their best light and can save a life - so if your Shelter or Rescue group needs help photographing their animals or mentoring volunteers, please contact me, I may be able to help.